The ‘Swansea Drifters’ castle design embraces the beauty of Swansea’s seaside, incorporating its coastal essence into a captivating sculpture. The design prominently features a sea theme, with the castle’s unique structure playing an integral role. Protruding windows have been cleverly transformed into boats, emphasizing the maritime influence. The castle is divided into three distinct sections, each flowing seamlessly into the next, creating a harmonious overall design. This approach adds depth and interest to the sculpture, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic. To further connect with Swansea’s maritime heritage, the design incorporates words and phrases from Dylan Thomas, a local literary icon. These quotes resonate with the oceanic theme and are integrated into the seascape, creating a flowing and poetic art piece. This combination of visual and literary elements captures the spirit of Swansea, bringing together its coastal charm and rich cultural history in a unique and captivating sculpture.

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