This sculpture is inspired by the historic Hafod Morfa copper works, once a cornerstone of Swansea’s industrial past. The design takes its cues from old photographs that capture the essence of the copper works buildings during their heyday, when the copper industry was a vibrant and bustling part of the region’s economy. Through detailed replication of these historical images, the sculpture serves as a visual tribute to the rich heritage of the copper industry. It encapsulates the architectural characteristics and atmosphere of the original copper works, bringing to life the buildings as they appeared in their most active period. The design features elements that reflect the industrial landscape of that era, with structures and motifs that resonate with the historical significance of the site. By evoking the memory of the copper works, the sculpture not only pays homage to Swansea’s industrial history but also provides a tangible connection to the past. It invites viewers to reflect on the legacy of the copper industry and its impact on the development of the region. The design’s attention to historical accuracy and its ability to transport observers to a bygone era make it a meaningful and educational piece, bridging the gap between past and present.

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