This sculpture is a vibrant celebration of Mumbles, often referred to as ‘The Gateway to Gower.’ Using bold, brightly coloured signage in a street-style aesthetic, the artwork draws attention to the nearby local areas, offering a unique and lively way to explore the surroundings. Designed to capture attention and bring a smile, the sculpture features quirky titles from the local area, such as ‘Radical Rotherslade’ and ‘Lush Limeslade.’ These names are derived from a series of paintings by the artist titled “Paradise Found,” which is also written around the top of the castle. Adding to the playful charm, the sculpture includes three hidden Bulljam Kites, inviting viewers to interact with the piece and discover its hidden surprises. With its striking visuals and whimsical elements, this artwork is sure to become a delightful addition to the area.

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