Western Bay Adoption Service

Western Bay Adoption Service

Western Bay Adoption service supports anyone affected by adoption across the Western Bay region.  Our Youth Clwb was set up in November 2022 in response to a need for our adopted young people to be able to access a space of their own where they felt supported and understood.  Since then we have gone from strength to strength.  We have a core group of young people who attend from age 10-16.  All of the group have experienced some childhood trauma, a lot of the group are managing additional conditions such as ADHD, ASD, FASD, sensory processing issues and learning difficulties.   A lot of our group struggle with their relationships, especially in the school setting.  

Western Bay Youth CLWB is therefore a crucial space for our young people where they say “we can be ourselves”.  Our Clwb provides a safe space where they are allowed to go a bit crazy, have lots of fun, or alternatively find some peace. It’s a place where they can discuss their unique shared experience of being adopted with each other or with the support of an experienced, compassionate youth work team. Parents report to us that youth clwb is often the only after school activity their children and young people go to as other clubs have not worked out for them.  Our clwb often gives parents and siblings a much needed break too.   




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